Being All American Malaysia Style

This week is a wreck for me. I had fever, I had headache, the only day that I felt slightly better is today. The rest of the days felt like many dwarfs sitting in my head and they were poking every little membrane there is. Yeah, it was horrible and I was not a bubbly usual me.

To add to the banging head, is the traffic jam. Yesterday evening was quite terrible. I guess it’s traffic rush going back to kampung as today is a public holiday to certain state. So, south-bound was kinda slow moving.

The normal ETA from Ampang to Nilai would around 6.45 m, a 45 minutes journey plus minus the slow moving traffic here and there. But yesterday evening, it’s like everywhere. I was cursing and swearing and deserved that killer glare from my 6 year old boy. He said “Mummy, that was not nice.” But well, some people are so dorky that they did not know how to function a signal button. Maybe they can signal better with their middle finger!! Oh well, I said sorry and said it was a slip. He said ok. Parents are supposed to set examples right…

Humm…as I reached the junction lead to my house, I decided, let’s go for All American food. It’s either Mc D, or KFC or A&W. So, the nearest is Mc D, but, it was heck of a queue. Unbelievable!! Anyway, the clock showed 7.05pm and it explained why. So, I sped off to the Giant complex and checked out that The Chicken Rice Shop kinda empty. Humm..ok let’s see our luck. It was tough..those empty tables carried of RESERVED sign. Alamak..ok..I told my son. So, it’s really American today. The next door – A& W.

We managed to get ourself seated in the not-so-preferred table. It’s like in the middle with pillar as a view. OK – whatever. I joined the queue and it was pretty long too but better than the one at Mc D. My son was already bored that he kept changing his orders. I firmly said choose one final meal and that’s it, no more changes. He settled off with Beary meal. I have set my mind to Double Mozza.

Whilst in the queue, I was observing the surroundings. This is not my first time though in A&W Nilai. But, being bored in the queue, got me to appreciate the interior and stuff. But I noticed even more. The staff of A&W.

As the breakfast time was just around the corner, they were really working non-stop, especially to one particular boy. He was dispatching orders to tables (for the undelivered order at counters), walking to & fro the counter. He looked exhausted and I pitied him. But he didn’t complain much. At every bell, he would deliver food to tables. He looked like he was dragging his feet. But what caught my attention was just his perseverance. I guess he is at the right workplace and industries like this need such people especially during the challenging peak hours. With the right mental attitude and effort.

Well, it was breakfast already and I just had my orders taken. Still waiting at the counter. I just patiently waited as I know there are people at the back of the line who are not even here. Again and again I looked around. The restaurant manager was distributing cups of their signature drink to the queue, plus me. Kudos – a very thoughtful manager. And that was a plus point.

The cashier girl said that my orders would be delivered to my table. I said okay no problem, I’ll just take the drinks first. My son asked why I was so late. I said there were many people and the restaurant is trying their best to be fast. So I told him to be patient as there are many others who just still standing even though it was breakfast time already. He just said ok and amazed with the small cup and only wanted to drink from that cup. Oh boy…

Got my food at about 7.35pm, the boy delivered to our table. I asked him if he had breakfast, he said not yet. Then, he said he forgot about fork & knife & tissues. I said no worries, I would follow you and get it myself. I mean, as a customer, there are times that we had to act human and be considerate. Other people might not be as lucky as you at times like this and he had few more things to deliver, and it’s not a burden to me to collect my own fork & knife. Paying service tax is not about being a snob or whatever. Just think if we were in his shoes.. he would rather sit and eat than deliver food to people when he himself is starved.

We continued with our food. My son, just could not stop talking. He talked throughout dinner and just kept talking. But I didn’t stop him. It’s a learning process to him so I just let him learn. We left at about 8.05pm, after being American for that half an hour, the Malaysian way. And that boy was still here and there dispatching food.

In summary, A&W was a good experience last night. The food might be so-so, but the ambience of welcoming is there. So kudos A&W!


Brain exercise..

Despite my killing headache, I am so super duper excited today. Why? Because, I got my first earning from Nuffnang! Though it is just a mere 25 sen, but it is a start of a big buck! Woooohooo! Thank you Nuffnang!!

A colleague one sent me an email about brain exercise. Hahahah..yeah..I agree, we just do not exercise our physique, but we must also exercise our brain because brain is the nucleus, the whole system. If it does not function well, how can we expect the rest of our body to function as well?

I somehow do brain exercise everyday. How? By calculating the plate numbers. I know it sounds silly but it does improve my calculation sense. For example if the car plate number is 5583, I would add it up to the last single digit, which is 5+5+8+3 = 21 , then 2+1 = 3. Tadaaaa!! That I do every day to all the passing cars, motorbikes or even lorries. It is interesting, you know..and helps to kill time also when you are stuck in the traffic madness.

Back to the email just now. It’s about Neurobics exercise. The next paragraphs are courtesy of http://www.increasebrainpower.com/neurobics.html

What are neurobics? Essentially brain exercises. The term was invented by Lawrence Katz and Manning Rubin to describe exercises that help the brain stay fit.

Some specific types of sensory stimuli and activities, especially those that involve non-routine actions and thoughts, produce more of those chemicals that encourage growth of new dendrites and neurons in the brain. These are generally non-routine activities. Routines become so automatic that actions are done largely unconsciously (ever get up in the morning and walk to the bathroom before you're really conscious?). Such automated or unconscious actions require less activity in the brain, and exercise it less.

A neurobic activity, on the other hand, should do one or more of the following:
1. Involve one or more of your senses in a new context.
2. Involve your full attention, at least briefly.
3. Break your routine in some significant way.
Neurobics don't need to be complicated, or require that you set aside special times. In fact, if they follow the guidelines above, many simple brain exercises can be worked into your normal day.

Examples Of Neurobics

1. Spend time in a new environment. Go to a new park, or a new store. Travel, by the way, seems to slow age-related mental decline.
Smell new odors in the morning. Have new odors, like a bottle of mint extract ready to smell first thing in the morning, to "wake up" your brain.

2. Take a shower with your eyes closed. Your other senses become more active when you cannot see, and a shower engages several senses.

3. Try brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand. This is difficult for some of us, and requires full attention the first time you try it.

4. Put on different clothes. Ever notice how you feel differently when you wear different clothes? You may think differently as well. Give it a try.

5. Learn to read braille. This is a tough one, but learning to read with your fingers definitely involves one of your senses in a new context.

6. Respond to a situation differently. Catch yourself in a normal and mostly unconscious response to a situation, and choose to respond in a different (and preferably better) way.

7. Find a new route to work. It doesn't have to be a longer route - just different. You may even find a faster way to work once you break your routine.

8. Act confidently. In a situation you are unsure about, choose to act confidently. You'll notice that your mind gets very active once you adopt the assumption that you will know what to do.

9. Distinguish coins using only your sense of touch. This brain exercise can be a way to kill time when waiting for an appointment. If you really want a challenge, see if you can distinguish paper currency denominations by touch.

10. Leave the lights off in the house. Get around your home by memory and feel. This certainly fully engages your attention, but be careful of course.


I guess it is giving your brain a break from a normal mundane routine. As your brain get comfortable and adjusted to the norms, it would literally slows down. So, just have a break some time and do something out of the ordinary so that it could trigger your brain to enjoy something new.

So, enjoy your exercise! :)

Let's do this!

Hello again people of the earth!

I have been hanging on to this for some time. And maybe this is a good time to test this out. Let's link each other and I will visit your link back in a speed!


Not so fun post - Formula for Success

Hullo peeps!

Happy Wednesday to all.

Someone sent me an email from an ex-colleague on the formula for success. Really? They have such..?? Maybe it works wonderfully to some people, and maybe to some, formula for success is as easy as to kiss @$$. That I heard works magic every time. But, I don’t want to act skeptic. This article get me thinking ..thinking & thinking... Let’s have a read and share with me of your formula for success.

An excerpt from Mr Duke’s email (which he may receive from someone else who receive it from someone else):

We all want to be successful at our jobs and move up the company ladder. There are many examples out there of a “formula for success”. However no single one is going to be enough to advance your career.

Simply stated hard work, self-improvement, a strong work ethic and passion for your work will get your further than any formula. But there are “formulas” you can use that will enhance your reputation and your chances for advancement. Let me share with you a few I know work.

Don’t Bring Me Problems, Bring Me Answers

Don’t run to your boss or co-workers each time a problem comes up. Evaluate the problem and come up with a solution. Then approach them with the problem and a possible solution. Show that you have the knowledge and skills to analyze a problem and come up with a workable solution.

Under Promise, Over Deliver

One way to get noticed is to deliver your project or task ahead of schedule, under budget and with better than expected results. When your boss gives you a task and wants it done in four weeks, do it in three. When you are expected to deliver 20 pieces by the end of the week deliver 30. Hard work, yes. Pays off, yes.

Deliver What You Promise

Your word is your reputation. Knowing that you can be counted on to do what you say is an important trait for anyone. Knowing your capabilities and limitations is the key. When you are given a task and asked for a timetable to complete it, do not try to impress someone with an unrealistic answer. Deliver what is expected of you on time it shows your boss can rely on you.

Finish Your Job First, Then Ask For Other Tasks

If you are eager to learn new skills and expand to other areas first finish your primary job. Once you finish what is expected of you, go to you boss and ask if there are any other tasks you can do. It shows that you can do your primary job very well and that you are eager to help in other areas. Be careful to properly finish your primary job before asking for new tasks.

Do More Than is Expected of You

Your boss should clearly outline their expectations of you. Let’s say one of your jobs is to keep track of all service calls. That is the expectation and so you should do an outstanding job of it. Don’t stop there. Since you are tracking service calls you are seeing all the issues.

Examine them to find common trends that can point to an underlying problem. Gather the data, break it down into specific calls for the same issue and present it to your boss. This should lead to a root cause analysis which will end up reducing service calls and costs.

Develop a Network

Develop relationships with people outside of your own department and chain of command. It builds a network of people you can go to for answers to problems so you can do your job better. It gives you a wider knowledge of what goes on in the other areas of your company. Most of all it establishes relationships and gives you knowledge that you can use to further your career.

Find Ways to Improve a Process

I believe in continuous improvement. There is always a better way to do something. Look at a current process. Break it down and see if there is an area that can be improved. Great ideas do not have to be complex, but they must be workable and actually improve something if you want to succeed. If you have a great idea research it, rehearse it and sell it effectively.

Improve Yourself

While these “formulas for success” are valid, the best way to move up the ladder of success is to improve yourself. Read, study, take classes, obtain certifications, network, learn more about your company and how it works.

The most sure-fire way to advance your career is to make yourself more valuable to the company. Learning new skills not only helps you do your job better, but they give you the knowledge needed to advance. Even if it does not lead to advancement right away, doing your job better can lead to more money and more responsibility.

Don’t just sit there and wait for opportunity to come knocking at your door and be handed to you. Instead show that you have the desire and the passion to improve yourself and do more. Companies want to talented people and talent = desire + passion. Show you have the desire to improve and a passion for your job.

Nokia E5 - The cheap smartphone?

Hi guys,

Happy Tuesday to you all. Well, I don't quite like to start posting on a Monday bcoz there's helluva things to do in the office. So, I just concentrate & focus on the office stuff on Monday so that Tuesday would tune down a bit.

Alright, I am considering a new phone. I have few in mind. BB Bold, Nokia E72 and Nokia E5. I just recently thought of E5. It's because it's a new model from Nokia, affordable (yeah..RM830 for a smartphone?!) and there are few people in the office already having BB & Nokia E72. Killjoy!!

So I kinda browse the net to check the review before a firm decision. Just wanna share with you guys and I think so far in terms of pricing for smartphones, this is a sure winner - below RM1k! WooooWww.. Nokia did a good job for marking that price for our market.

Have a read and give me a thought also. Thanks to rmreview.com.my for such a good review on E5.


Nokia E5 is very affordable smartphone that meet both your business and personal needs. The Nokia E5 price retail at RM 830 comes with best smartphone features like Qwerty keypad, with A-GPS that support the Ovi Maps , 2.4in QVGA LCD screen, up to 250MB of internal memory and microSD memory card slot. Furthermore a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash, also connected via WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Amazingly the Nokia E5 can endure up to 29 days battery life while in standby time while the talktime is up to 12 h 10 min (2G) / Up to 5 h 30 min (3G) using a standard battery, Li-Ion 1200 mAh (BL-4D).


The E5 is the first smartphone to come preloaded with Microsoft Communicator Mobile, an application jointly developed by Microsoft and Nokia. Communicator Mobile monitors the availability of a person on a company directory and allows you to reach them via instant messaging.

The Symbian-based smartphone using OS Symbian OS v9.3, Series 60 rel. 3.2 with CPU ARM 11 600 MHz processor also supports instant messaging services such as Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger and Ovi Chat. The E5 has extensive e-mail support and works with Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail, Ovi Mail, MS Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes Traveler. Also, the phone includes applications for accessing Facebook and Twitter social networking sites. Plus, you can view Facebook updates within the contact list (Phonebook) itself.

As for the Nokia E5 specs, The 126 g E5 has a QWERTY keyboard along with 320 x 240 pixels, 2.36 inches display is just right to your hand with 115 x 58.9 x 12.8 mm, 75 cc in dimensions . Build in 250 MB storage with card slot microSD, up to 32GB, 2GB included. Nevertheless, it integrated with Primary 5 MP camera with 2592 x 1944 pixels, fixed-focus and LED flash but the sad thing is there is no secondary camera in front for 3G videocall.

Music play Up to 38 h via 3.5 mm audio jack support MP4, WMV player and MP3. It also integrated with Flash Lite v3.0, Voice command/dial and Organizer.

The E5 is available in five colours, namely Carbon Black, Chalk White, Sky Blue, Copper Brown and Silver Grey. However, only two colours are available for now – Carbon Black and Chalk White.


And so it begins…

Today marks the 3rd day of Ramadhan. The roads out and into KL are all congested by 4.30 pm. Understood..peeps are going out to buy food at Bazaar Ramadhan everywhere especially those you can’t get easily during normal time. This is where you can get tepung pelita, all sorts of agar-agar, all types of laksa, sweet meat and sorts. Phewwwww..the choices are endless..as long as you have monies, it’s all buyable..kaching kaching!!

And so thus shopping malls. Year End Sale that started 24 July ago really benefits to those who are yet to prep for Raya. You can hear moms screaming looking for their kids everywhere, as they rather run around the hanging clothes than fitting them in. Oh yeah..been there done that. My son was almost lost once when he was 2 years old as we were so absorbed in the choosing. Luckily, he was there sitting under the hanged garments and started pulling some of them off the hanger. Oh boy – yes it was a challenge as much as driving in the KL traffic jam.

Then fighting for places when it is time to breakfast. The queue was superbly long. And, if you arrived by 6.30pm, you can just forget of dining in, or even takeaways. You might just wanna grab yourself a bottle of mineral water while on the go and revisit maybe after 8.00. Yeahh, I know, been there done that.

But again, what interesting to see are the many facets of life when festival comes. I am sure the havoc especially during family shopping for Chinese & Indians during Chinese New Year & Deepavali, is as the Muslims are during Raya. Yeah..kids are the most excited. That’s what contribute to the fun and the atmosphere. Well, adults are not as good as kids when it comes to festive. Kid love to show off new attires & of course, duit raya!! Mothers will show off their new furnitures, new cakes new stuff..fathers might be thinking when will be the new gaji … uhuk uhuk..

The cycle has just begun. Started off with Raya, then Deepavali in November, then Christmas in December and Chinese New Year next year. It’s just us, the unique peeps, right? It’s not everyday you can be in the festive mood. But for Malaysia, you can have it 24/7 365 days! Yeaaahhhh!!

I have read 119 articles and earned USD6.55 since 29 July!

I would never think that this is so easy.

As at today, I have read articles ranging from all sorts of topic – Art, Business, Finance, Travel, Medicine, Beauty etc – you name it. And the best part of the job is, you are being paid for just reading and rating them.

These articles are easy to read and very informative. So rather than spending time just blankly browsing the net, why don’t do some reading & rating and be paid? I read 119 articles as at 1.22 pm today at an average pay of 0.05 cents. Isn’t cool??

Though per article is paid ranging from 0.01 to 0.10, accumulatively it will be more, and once your reach USD50, you may opt to cash it out and just leave it to accumulate further monies. Also, it does not have an expiry date.

Join in the fun now. Sharing is caring, peeps! :)

Spread The Love with Churp Churp!

Be part of the family and we could all be rewarded! What are you waiting for?
Do your Tweets & update on FB - and get earnings! How cool does that sound? So, be a Churper (cute!!) and start making money for just spreading the news!

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Churp churp!! Churp Churp!! :)


Happy Birthday My Love!

Today is the birthday of the jewel of my heart, Nazhan, my only child. He turns 6 today. He made me proud every day in whatever he was doing – could be just singing in the shower, or reading subtitles, or just by talking & ranting of what’s happening at school.

His wish list for the birthday gift is PSP, which I don’t think so, coz I don’t want him to be distracted too much. Told him that he will probably get it next year if he does very well. So, I gave him today to re-think about his wish list again and tonight I will listen to his “dream” toy.

Happy Birthday my love. May you are blessed with happiness, love, intelligence & maturity. May you become one fine gentleman one day and make your parents proud every step of the way. And may Allah bless you always & forever. With love, Mummy & Abah, and we love you very much.


24 July – 16 September 2010 : Sunway Pyramid Fabulous Sale

24 July – 16 September 2010 : Sunway Pyramid Fabulous Sale

This is what I like about shopping!!

Fabulousale Contest & Gift Booklet - Spend at least RM250 mall wide in up to 2 receipts to get the gift booklet filled with offers and free gift vouchers worth more than RM700

Get More with EON Bank Group Credit and Debit Card - Spend at least RM200 mall wide in up to 2 receipts to get Gift booklet and extra 1 ticket to Sunway Lagoon Nite Park

Only at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall!

5 August – 9 September 2010 : IKEA Hari Raya Sale

5 August – 9 September 2010 : IKEA Hari Raya Sale

I am a big fan of IKEA stuff! So, make your home glorious during this raya!! Don't ever miss IKEA sale!

23 July – 31 October 2010 : MPH Mid Valley 10th Anniversary Celebration

23 July – 31 October 2010 : MPH Mid Valley 10th Anniversary Celebration

It's all about books!! Yezzaaaa..who knows you can grab your favourite author's book here..at a discount!

5 August – 19 September 2010 : Reject Shop Raya Deals

5 August – 19 September 2010 : Reject Shop Raya Deals

Well, Ramadhan is just around the corner and Syawal is peeking very very soon. For those who wish to do early preps (specially those with family) this is a good deal & save you tonnes of greens (at least!).



I am super excited. Coz I am on the way to making money!
Who doesn’t want money? Or maybe to some uber rich peeps, they just don’t care as they bed on monies. Uhmm..ok .. I do care. Every teeny tiny bit of opportunity of making money ( of course excluding scams and sorts) I would join it. Especially the one that has no risk. Just like this Readbud. You read, you rate and you get paid. You can see your account real time. And you gain knowledge as a bonus.

Join me now peeps. Sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit! Woohooo!
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