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Despite my killing headache, I am so super duper excited today. Why? Because, I got my first earning from Nuffnang! Though it is just a mere 25 sen, but it is a start of a big buck! Woooohooo! Thank you Nuffnang!!

A colleague one sent me an email about brain exercise. Hahahah..yeah..I agree, we just do not exercise our physique, but we must also exercise our brain because brain is the nucleus, the whole system. If it does not function well, how can we expect the rest of our body to function as well?

I somehow do brain exercise everyday. How? By calculating the plate numbers. I know it sounds silly but it does improve my calculation sense. For example if the car plate number is 5583, I would add it up to the last single digit, which is 5+5+8+3 = 21 , then 2+1 = 3. Tadaaaa!! That I do every day to all the passing cars, motorbikes or even lorries. It is interesting, you know..and helps to kill time also when you are stuck in the traffic madness.

Back to the email just now. It’s about Neurobics exercise. The next paragraphs are courtesy of http://www.increasebrainpower.com/neurobics.html

What are neurobics? Essentially brain exercises. The term was invented by Lawrence Katz and Manning Rubin to describe exercises that help the brain stay fit.

Some specific types of sensory stimuli and activities, especially those that involve non-routine actions and thoughts, produce more of those chemicals that encourage growth of new dendrites and neurons in the brain. These are generally non-routine activities. Routines become so automatic that actions are done largely unconsciously (ever get up in the morning and walk to the bathroom before you're really conscious?). Such automated or unconscious actions require less activity in the brain, and exercise it less.

A neurobic activity, on the other hand, should do one or more of the following:
1. Involve one or more of your senses in a new context.
2. Involve your full attention, at least briefly.
3. Break your routine in some significant way.
Neurobics don't need to be complicated, or require that you set aside special times. In fact, if they follow the guidelines above, many simple brain exercises can be worked into your normal day.

Examples Of Neurobics

1. Spend time in a new environment. Go to a new park, or a new store. Travel, by the way, seems to slow age-related mental decline.
Smell new odors in the morning. Have new odors, like a bottle of mint extract ready to smell first thing in the morning, to "wake up" your brain.

2. Take a shower with your eyes closed. Your other senses become more active when you cannot see, and a shower engages several senses.

3. Try brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand. This is difficult for some of us, and requires full attention the first time you try it.

4. Put on different clothes. Ever notice how you feel differently when you wear different clothes? You may think differently as well. Give it a try.

5. Learn to read braille. This is a tough one, but learning to read with your fingers definitely involves one of your senses in a new context.

6. Respond to a situation differently. Catch yourself in a normal and mostly unconscious response to a situation, and choose to respond in a different (and preferably better) way.

7. Find a new route to work. It doesn't have to be a longer route - just different. You may even find a faster way to work once you break your routine.

8. Act confidently. In a situation you are unsure about, choose to act confidently. You'll notice that your mind gets very active once you adopt the assumption that you will know what to do.

9. Distinguish coins using only your sense of touch. This brain exercise can be a way to kill time when waiting for an appointment. If you really want a challenge, see if you can distinguish paper currency denominations by touch.

10. Leave the lights off in the house. Get around your home by memory and feel. This certainly fully engages your attention, but be careful of course.


I guess it is giving your brain a break from a normal mundane routine. As your brain get comfortable and adjusted to the norms, it would literally slows down. So, just have a break some time and do something out of the ordinary so that it could trigger your brain to enjoy something new.

So, enjoy your exercise! :)

5 retorts by associates:

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

wow! i thought im e only one doing maths by looking at things. my way of doing it, calculate the phone numbers on the billboards hahaha. =P

Masquerade Q said...

Hahaha! You will never alone for doing such things. :)

Masquerade Q said...

Hahaha! You will never alone for doing such things. :)

Yen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yen said...

Hmmm... calculating numbers on car plates. Interesting. Maybe I can try that next time. Good day to u...

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