And so it begins…

Today marks the 3rd day of Ramadhan. The roads out and into KL are all congested by 4.30 pm. Understood..peeps are going out to buy food at Bazaar Ramadhan everywhere especially those you can’t get easily during normal time. This is where you can get tepung pelita, all sorts of agar-agar, all types of laksa, sweet meat and sorts. Phewwwww..the choices are endless..as long as you have monies, it’s all buyable..kaching kaching!!

And so thus shopping malls. Year End Sale that started 24 July ago really benefits to those who are yet to prep for Raya. You can hear moms screaming looking for their kids everywhere, as they rather run around the hanging clothes than fitting them in. Oh yeah..been there done that. My son was almost lost once when he was 2 years old as we were so absorbed in the choosing. Luckily, he was there sitting under the hanged garments and started pulling some of them off the hanger. Oh boy – yes it was a challenge as much as driving in the KL traffic jam.

Then fighting for places when it is time to breakfast. The queue was superbly long. And, if you arrived by 6.30pm, you can just forget of dining in, or even takeaways. You might just wanna grab yourself a bottle of mineral water while on the go and revisit maybe after 8.00. Yeahh, I know, been there done that.

But again, what interesting to see are the many facets of life when festival comes. I am sure the havoc especially during family shopping for Chinese & Indians during Chinese New Year & Deepavali, is as the Muslims are during Raya. Yeah..kids are the most excited. That’s what contribute to the fun and the atmosphere. Well, adults are not as good as kids when it comes to festive. Kid love to show off new attires & of course, duit raya!! Mothers will show off their new furnitures, new cakes new stuff..fathers might be thinking when will be the new gaji … uhuk uhuk..

The cycle has just begun. Started off with Raya, then Deepavali in November, then Christmas in December and Chinese New Year next year. It’s just us, the unique peeps, right? It’s not everyday you can be in the festive mood. But for Malaysia, you can have it 24/7 365 days! Yeaaahhhh!!

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