I have read 119 articles and earned USD6.55 since 29 July!

I would never think that this is so easy.

As at today, I have read articles ranging from all sorts of topic – Art, Business, Finance, Travel, Medicine, Beauty etc – you name it. And the best part of the job is, you are being paid for just reading and rating them.

These articles are easy to read and very informative. So rather than spending time just blankly browsing the net, why don’t do some reading & rating and be paid? I read 119 articles as at 1.22 pm today at an average pay of 0.05 cents. Isn’t cool??

Though per article is paid ranging from 0.01 to 0.10, accumulatively it will be more, and once your reach USD50, you may opt to cash it out and just leave it to accumulate further monies. Also, it does not have an expiry date.

Join in the fun now. Sharing is caring, peeps! :)

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