B is the letter of the day

Yeah .. letter B. The second letter from the array of 26 alphabets. B depicts many things. You wouldn’t want B for any of your exam scores..right? But this time around, it’s the most anticipated by all my colleagues since early September. Yes, you guessed it right. BONUS!

We at this prestige organization just got our bonus letter today. No no no..we have not gotten the money yet..don’t get too excited there. Because I am not! Uhuk uhuk uhuk..

Performance was said to be GOOD, but the indication of greens is not that GOOD. OK laaaaaa…the company is shouldering the losses of the one of the children company, so I guess the numbers are affected.

Well, it’s not everyday that you get bonus for good performance. And it’s better to have some than you didn’t get anything.

Thank you boss. Next year, give more..

Russian Federation?? And the emergence of Diva Universal

Hello hello everyone..it’s good to be back after a long break of Raya. I had a long break too – from work and also from the blog world. I took a break from everything – I just wanna enjoy my Raya..woooohooo!!

So, it took me by surprise today that a Russian Federation visited my blog. For real?? It’s Russian Federation!! Waaaaa.. I feel honoured, seriously. But what the…?? Whatever laaaa..internet is a borderless world and they could have stumbled upon my blog..

Ok back to business..what’s happening lately? I know I have been stuffing myself with lemangs, rendangs, raya cookies, and whatnots. Oh boy, I feel, I am slightly expanding horizontally now. I am sure if I were to measure my waist, it would go up few “centimeters”. Muahahahahah..time to diet and cut the fat! I sounded like the Biggest Loser..and the Asian version is already aired last night with Marion Caunter as the host – on Diva Universal.

Diva Universal – the rebranded name for Hallmark Channel . I guess it’s because it would attract more female viewers. Well, my favourites are Oprah, Lipstick Jungle, The Biggest Loser in whatever version be it Australia, US or Asia, Merlin and Crossing Jordan. But again, I have to win the battle of the remote control either against my son or husband. I won mine every weekdays from 10pm onwards for AXN. So, have to sometimes lose.

Alrighty - Need to go back to work. Tonnes of reports to clear now. Scheduled reports, adhoc reports – you name it. Gotta crack my head and survive this Excel too.

Till then..if you want to invite me to your open house, also can. I am all arms! LOL.. :D


PayBox - The truth or mere scam?


I am not so sure what this is. Some say it is a competitor to Paypal. I just sign up for it. All I need to do is keep the account active and do what I am supposed to do.

All are welcomed to join should you be interested.



Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin to all. Have a safe drive home & enjoy your Raya.


That's all Women want......

...Plain looking husband

...normal simple ring

...small wedding party 

   ...honeymoon at any place

...small house for the kids to run around

...lovely child

...husband is a family man but work hard

...small car for shopping

...another car for kids

...some collections

...shoes for each occasion

....some nice outfits

...a bit of cosmetics & make up

 ...overseas trip once a year or more often on domestic trips


... Presents occasionally

...finally, some securities.

See, we don't demand that much right. It is just enough. :D

R.I.P Alvin..

Happy Merdeka Day everyone. I know it’s a bit delayed but better late than never.. Merdeka was spent by watching the firecrackers war at my housing area sharp 12 midnight. It was like “who’s the loudest” competition. I slept at about 1.30 pm because I was trying to finish beading my baju raya.

The title?? ALVIN – the name given to our hamster, which we bought January this year. He was 1 and half months old when we brought him home. It was only the next day, we bought Awin, his spouse coz we saw that he was so itchy to mate already.

Alvin was a Syrian breed (Scientific Name: Mesocritus Auratus) or famously known as Golden Hamsters. It has golden fur and a white underbelly. So thus Awin, what differentiate them only the patches pattern on their back. Alvin was the tamest hamster I’ve ever had. He fed from my fingers and whenever I visited him, he would stand up as if asking to be fed. He was different from Awin as Awin is an aggressive female hamster.

Alvin and his family
Throughout 9 months of living with us, he had fathered close to 30 offsprings, which some we sold to the pet shop nearby. Some we kept so that they can mate and produce more offspring. We have 3 pairs of parents now, which we named Dotti and Ewan for the females, and Straight and Putih for the males. Their names are actually derived from the patterns on their back. Dotti is very patchful, and Ewan is the first offspring that survived. Straight only has one black line behind his back, and Putih has less golden patch, it is almost white.

I didn’t realize that he was already dead by the time I fed them yesterday morning. I thought he was sleeping as they spent most of their day time sleeping. I just pat his back and nothing seems unusual. As always, Awin would be jumping up and down, I guess from the excitement getting the food.

By dusk, my routine is also checking on their cages. I was a bit curious as Alvin didn’t even wake up. I thought the worst and I poked him a little. He didn’t move. Then I shook him slightly harder then I noticed his body was cold and hard. He died peacefully as if he was sleeping.

Then I told my husband that Alvin died. Like me, he also took affection of Alvin as he was a nice hamster. After breakfast yesterday, my hubby dug a hole at the backyard and I wrapped Alvin nicely in used sheet and buried him. I would never think I would shed tears for this little animal but I did. My son put a flower on the burial ground and said goodbye. Oh…dramatic..

Anyway, rest in peace Alvin. Hope we treated you well enough and let your offspring to continue your legacy..

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