Being All American Malaysia Style

This week is a wreck for me. I had fever, I had headache, the only day that I felt slightly better is today. The rest of the days felt like many dwarfs sitting in my head and they were poking every little membrane there is. Yeah, it was horrible and I was not a bubbly usual me.

To add to the banging head, is the traffic jam. Yesterday evening was quite terrible. I guess it’s traffic rush going back to kampung as today is a public holiday to certain state. So, south-bound was kinda slow moving.

The normal ETA from Ampang to Nilai would around 6.45 m, a 45 minutes journey plus minus the slow moving traffic here and there. But yesterday evening, it’s like everywhere. I was cursing and swearing and deserved that killer glare from my 6 year old boy. He said “Mummy, that was not nice.” But well, some people are so dorky that they did not know how to function a signal button. Maybe they can signal better with their middle finger!! Oh well, I said sorry and said it was a slip. He said ok. Parents are supposed to set examples right…

Humm…as I reached the junction lead to my house, I decided, let’s go for All American food. It’s either Mc D, or KFC or A&W. So, the nearest is Mc D, but, it was heck of a queue. Unbelievable!! Anyway, the clock showed 7.05pm and it explained why. So, I sped off to the Giant complex and checked out that The Chicken Rice Shop kinda empty. Humm..ok let’s see our luck. It was tough..those empty tables carried of RESERVED sign. Alamak..ok..I told my son. So, it’s really American today. The next door – A& W.

We managed to get ourself seated in the not-so-preferred table. It’s like in the middle with pillar as a view. OK – whatever. I joined the queue and it was pretty long too but better than the one at Mc D. My son was already bored that he kept changing his orders. I firmly said choose one final meal and that’s it, no more changes. He settled off with Beary meal. I have set my mind to Double Mozza.

Whilst in the queue, I was observing the surroundings. This is not my first time though in A&W Nilai. But, being bored in the queue, got me to appreciate the interior and stuff. But I noticed even more. The staff of A&W.

As the breakfast time was just around the corner, they were really working non-stop, especially to one particular boy. He was dispatching orders to tables (for the undelivered order at counters), walking to & fro the counter. He looked exhausted and I pitied him. But he didn’t complain much. At every bell, he would deliver food to tables. He looked like he was dragging his feet. But what caught my attention was just his perseverance. I guess he is at the right workplace and industries like this need such people especially during the challenging peak hours. With the right mental attitude and effort.

Well, it was breakfast already and I just had my orders taken. Still waiting at the counter. I just patiently waited as I know there are people at the back of the line who are not even here. Again and again I looked around. The restaurant manager was distributing cups of their signature drink to the queue, plus me. Kudos – a very thoughtful manager. And that was a plus point.

The cashier girl said that my orders would be delivered to my table. I said okay no problem, I’ll just take the drinks first. My son asked why I was so late. I said there were many people and the restaurant is trying their best to be fast. So I told him to be patient as there are many others who just still standing even though it was breakfast time already. He just said ok and amazed with the small cup and only wanted to drink from that cup. Oh boy…

Got my food at about 7.35pm, the boy delivered to our table. I asked him if he had breakfast, he said not yet. Then, he said he forgot about fork & knife & tissues. I said no worries, I would follow you and get it myself. I mean, as a customer, there are times that we had to act human and be considerate. Other people might not be as lucky as you at times like this and he had few more things to deliver, and it’s not a burden to me to collect my own fork & knife. Paying service tax is not about being a snob or whatever. Just think if we were in his shoes.. he would rather sit and eat than deliver food to people when he himself is starved.

We continued with our food. My son, just could not stop talking. He talked throughout dinner and just kept talking. But I didn’t stop him. It’s a learning process to him so I just let him learn. We left at about 8.05pm, after being American for that half an hour, the Malaysian way. And that boy was still here and there dispatching food.

In summary, A&W was a good experience last night. The food might be so-so, but the ambience of welcoming is there. So kudos A&W!

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