Happy Birthday My Love!

Today is the birthday of the jewel of my heart, Nazhan, my only child. He turns 6 today. He made me proud every day in whatever he was doing – could be just singing in the shower, or reading subtitles, or just by talking & ranting of what’s happening at school.

His wish list for the birthday gift is PSP, which I don’t think so, coz I don’t want him to be distracted too much. Told him that he will probably get it next year if he does very well. So, I gave him today to re-think about his wish list again and tonight I will listen to his “dream” toy.

Happy Birthday my love. May you are blessed with happiness, love, intelligence & maturity. May you become one fine gentleman one day and make your parents proud every step of the way. And may Allah bless you always & forever. With love, Mummy & Abah, and we love you very much.

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