The Quileute vs The Cullens

The vampire season is in again. of the Twilight sequel is now showing and a hit in cinemas..again. I fell in love with Twilight last year. Oh I’s a bit too late. Reason – I was too tied up with work and I didn’t go for a movie for the longest time I can remember. So, I borrowed a DVD from a friend, who is totally head over heels with Edward Cullen and singing praises for him until now. She went to watch Eclipse the very day it was released..and took a half day leave for the sake of queuing up to buy the ticket.  I am yet to watch it as work took over the realm of reality in my life now.. Sighhh..

In the first Twilight, I was kind of like Carlisle Cullen more than Edward. Carlisle is a Celtic name meaning "strong". A true portrait of his name, Carlisle seems very calm and mature, reasonable, with incredible compassion and has a high level of self-control. I am sure it is because he has been a “vegetarian vampy” for quite some time that he has such willpower to blend in with human.  The perfection of beauty, some said it. Peter Facinelli carried off the character very well, and I don’t think someone could have done it better.  He is my favorite doctor.. wakakakakaka.. :D

Another character who made me googoogaagaa is The Quileute Wolf - Jacob Black. I still remember Taylor Lautner as the Sharkboy. He was just as awesome! And that smile..melted many hearts! And he is so media-friendly too..And he is so charming ..And he is so …everything!! He is just gorgeous. He didn’t capture that much attention during long-haired Jacob, compared to the new Jacob in New Moon. I guess some hair cuttings did him good and noticeable. He is even more noticeable in Eclipse, or shall I say exudes even more sexiness compared to Twilight & New Moon? Drool…. And, if I ever go watch Eclipse in these few days, I will watch out for this line from Jacob to Edward - Let’s face it, I am hotter than you. Can’t wait can’t wait!!

Edward, on the other hand, seems to be overpowered by Jacob’s presence. But still, his mysterious attitude will make you curious of wanting “what could be next?”. I don’t know.. but I look forward to Jacob rather than Edward.

Watching the gazette alone is already got the adrenaline pumping. I am sure the pack war would add be an extra excitement in this sequel. I really don’t know. I really gotta watch this Eclipse! Or else, I am so left behind…!

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