I was conned by the salesman!

Yezzzzzzz...I was conned by the darn salesman. I bought the Compaq (Compaq Presario CQ40) like a year ago. So, what makes me damn angry today is, he lied saying that (yeah..the lie was a year ago but only discovered today!) he has upgraded my RAM to 3GB. Which in actual fact only upgraded to another 1GB making it 2GB. If my lappy didn't misbehaved, then I would not even know that this is happening. Chehh..I cursed him so that his lappy or whatever will go konk!

And I have another problem which may cost me a bomb if I decided to give it a repair. My LCD screen is flickering every 10 or 15 seconds. My technician friend thought I sat on it, as only heavy impact can cause the LCD to somehow go crazy. Yeah, my lappy has been reformatted, I just hope he backed up my hard drive datas...ooohhh myyy...

I am counting my cost - to replace 1GB RAM - RM80, or 2GB @ RM170... hmmmm...The LCD - might as well buy a new laptop. Oh heck..I can just live with it for a while I guess. Anyway, it's for home use. 

I am still cursing though..and ready to make a killing. But I'll pass. I deserve more than spending my intelligence on such sorries. 

So, lesson learnt for the day - Don't ever believe what you don't see. Make sure you double check.

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ken said...

well.. next time do your research and get a reliable brand =)

salesperson just want to get sales.. enough said.. =P

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