Last night was House & I broke my Bonia spectacles today!

Every weekday nights except Friday, is my slot for TV. Rather  than fighting over the remote control with either hubby or my boy, I made it clear to them that 10 pm onwards is my slot and there would be no way they can beg or plead to watch another channel. My favourite is AXN – Channel 701 at Astro. 

Let me see, the 10pms are CSI:NY on Monday, NCIS:LA on Tuesday, CSI:Vegas (or the original Crime Scene Investigation) on Wednesday and House on Thursday. The first three are investigative / action series. But House serves differently.  It’s a medical drama and unexpectedly fun!

It’s not ER, it’s House. Twirls around the working life of Dr Gregory House (brilliantly played by Hugh Laurie), known for his sarcasm, but holds brain of a genius diagnosis specialist. Addicted to Vicodin due to his leg pain, which may also add up spices to his colourful spats to his patients & diagnosticians team. 

A little example of his blunt and “sophisticated” openings – 

"Hello, sick people and their loved ones! In the interest of saving time and avoiding a lot of boring chitchat later, I'm Doctor Gregory House; you can call me "Greg." I'm one of three doctors staffing this clinic this morning. This ray of sunshine is Doctor Lisa Cuddy. Doctor Cuddy runs this whole hospital, so unfortunately she's much too busy to deal with you. I am a Board certified diagnostician with a double specialty in infectious  disease and nephrology. I am also the only doctor currently employed at this clinic who is forced to be here against his will. That is true, isn't it? But not to worry, because for most of you, this job could be done by a monkey with a bottle of Motrin. Speaking of which, if you're particularly annoying, you may see me reach for this: this is Vicodin. It's mine. You can't have any. And no, I do not have a pain management problem, I have a pain problem. But who knows? Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm too stoned to tell. So, who wants me? And who would rather wait for one of the other two guys? Okay. Well, I'll be in Exam Room One if you change your mind." much for an introduction. If, I mean, if this is ever happening in real life, I would just grab my bag and run. It’s like real running for my life! However, in a way, if I were terribly sick, I prefer a doctor who would tell me the truth, even though it hurts, rather than the one who would describe the situation as if you are gonna be okay in a jiffy.  Hmmm…

Whatever it is, his wits and sarcasm are really an “educated” one. At every turn, it gives you an interesting plots.  Okay – last night he joked about open marriage and Taub’s marital problems. And what interesting is, they just don’t care. They intertwined the conversation with their diagnosis & the personal issues. Not even dominantly distracted by any of the topic except their patient’s problem.

Okay, House is one of my fav doctor, second to Carlisle Cullen.:)
Alright, this morning, at the office, the left leg of my Bonia transitions spectacles limped off. And I was half-blind for half an hour. I scurried down to the small convenience store to buy the elephant glue. With little patience & tech knowledge, I managed to put it on again but it will never be the same. It’s not the right fit anymore. My my…this is my favourite spec and it has been with me for a year plus. What make it extra special is the transition glass, which burst my pocket when I decided to have it. It’s not an easy decision ; I gave it a thought for 2 nights and later decided to give it a go.  Yes, this is my first Bonia frame and my first transition lense. **Sigh** Now I have to buy a new one…

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