This is no ordinary week!

TGIF was over and the common cycle of the week started again..on Monday! The joykiller and the start of everyday torture until you say it again..TGIF!!

Well, why I said this week is no ordinary week ?

It started off with helluva news which crushed my heart deep inside. Darn, it really gets into me and dragged me in my own emotional turmoil for no reason. Oh, the news..yeah.. I was honoured to working with someone that I almost hate. Hate - such a strong word, ain't it? Well, it is because the emotions was so strong indeed. I guess it is mutual from both parties.

Days passed and I was full of hypocrisy. And seriously I was like I was ready to make a killing.

Someone advised me that do whatever you can, from where you are. Hummm...such a realistic advise as the truth reveals that nothing much you can do. If you wish to go against it, then be prepared for whatever that are coming that called "consequences". Actually, I know I am wise enough to follow the advise as it is.

How being a hypocrite at a workplace really left a bitter taste in your mouth. And please bear in mind that the other party also acted their part very well. In the name of teamwork! Gosh, how I was such a good actress and could land an Oscar for it. Duhhh!

Anyway, the closing of the week (TGIF!!) at least brought me some superb news. I will be "detached" from my so-called unfavorable task in 2 months time. I guess I could wait that long, provided I steered away from any heartaches. At least, the week was not that bad at all.

My reception towards all the happenings in the week made me realize as how vulnerable we are to changes. Even though we do not wish to change, we are forced to do one. I made a mental note from that infamous blog somewhere, where someone said "Evolve or else extinct". True..very true.

I just hope my not-so-ordinary week would not drag to weekends. Or else I would be in the foul mood again, and at home I prefer not to. Remember, examples are set at home.

11.39 now and I need to do some socializing.

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