Beads & Sequins frenzies!

I have always fancy glitzies & blinkies..I mean beads & sequins. What I yet to know, is how deep is my passion for it. I know I am almost crazy looking at the intricate designs & that skills the beaders has. Mind you, they even have a beader fan club..awesome!!

I am actually tied up with work. So, this post is an intro of what I am going to dedicate a page in this blog to beads & sequins. Maybe, if time permits, I would share the tips and tricks. Just enjoy looking at the design first and appreciate the crafts. It is always nice to have something shimmering on you! 

2 retorts by associates:

k0k s3n w4i said...

must be a girl thing... i always find sequin to be a bit... tacky, haha.

but beads are okay, i guess, when not overdone :)

ken said...

girls' fav =)

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