Thank God it’s Friday!! Finally, the end of the week is coming..and it is today! Woooohooo!!

I have been making plans for this weekend. Humm..do housework, watch movie with my son (oh yeah…my hubby is outstationing!!), grocery shopping, etc.
Since the trailer of Toy Story 3 came out, my son has been pushing for it. And he pushed his father for it! So, tomorrow seems like an ideal day to go for quality time with my boy. There is a but though…I have been asked to return to office tomorrow (most likely) to settle some of the office issues. Okayyyy..I have to rearrange all my plans now. Housework – unchecked, grocery shopping – unchecked, movie with my boy – checked and rescheduled to tonight’s show most likely. **Sigh**

I am looking forward to tonight’s event, with little adjustment, I am sure it will be just fine.

Why Toy Story 3? Prince of Persia could become a better option. With Jake Gyllenhaal showing his newly sculptured body, firing actions that keep you guessing and wanting more, I guess it gives value to your money.

But Toy Story 3 offers more than just fighting, romance & picturesque shoots. It offers fun, laughter , family bonding. It’s one happy movie. And the franchise that always betters its sequel. Toy Story 1 is already fun, Toy Story 2 is fun & entertaining, I guess Toy Story 3 is fun, entertaining & much much more! Especially laughter. I missed Woody & Buzz as they showed you that they may be different, but friendship breaks through everything. I heard good reviews so I believe this really worth watching. I hope my son enjoys it too.

Thank God it’s Friday, so I don’t have to wake up tomorrow thinking of what to wear to office. Tomorrow is just a Saturday – the day to relax, rest and revive yourself after days of challenges in the office especially.. Sunday is just leisure - to prepare you for the next week’s journey.

And again, the cycle begins when the clock ticks 12 midnight on Sunday.

2 retorts by associates:

Aien said...

Wish I could watch Toy Story too. I love both the 1 and 2!

Masquerade Q said...

@ Aien - Grab a DVD! It's soooooooooooooo the best! I could not believe I cried when I watched the scene where they (Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye & POtatohead) were about to be incinerated!! Oh man..it's worth your $$. Trust me. :D

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