Despicable Me..not!

Weekend is over (again)..buhuhuhuhu! Teary eyes.. But me & my son had a marathon weekend for movies, cartoons (Tom & Jerry) & reality shows! Muahahahahahahahaha!!

First, we watched Despicable Me..oh hell it was hilarious! Especially the minions – errmm.. you know the small small specky moving around thingy..which are also super genius! And Agnes, the cheek-tapping expert, which Gru – the #2 super villain & super thief, thought is very annoying. Now, what’s annoying is my son keeps tapping his cheeks even during meal time!! Uhmmm..never mind.

Voices lent by Steve Carell as Gru, Julie Andrews as Gru’s mom and Russel Brand as Dr. Nefario,  Gru’s gadget man.  Gru, is a very wicked man, who has no conscience over being nice. He uses his gadgets to just for everything – even getting to the frontline for a cup of coffee. He is just super wicked! However, along with his scheme to steal the moon (which his faithful minions are so in awe of his plan), he is also challenged to his last wits by the 3 adopted girls – to become a super dad. Frankly, this is a nice family movie, and how someone so wicked finally touched by love of the young ones...awwwww…sweet.

  Look out for his gadgets too – the freeze gun, the fart gun (yeah..fart as the stinky wind from you know where) and the shrinking ray gun. Just watch how he turned the elephant into a tiny creature – tinier than a banana!

The second movie – Eclipe. Enough said.. I am not left behind anymore. I can speak the Eclipse language now..yezzzzzzzzaaaa..!

The another marathon is the Kimora : Life  In the Fab Lane. To see how Kimora & her children live the fabulous life. She is very real & true – nothing fake like Jerseylicious (the  pathetic catfights .. duhhh!!). She is just so open and frank about her life. Much to her wealth, she contributes back to the society too. It’s not about enjoying for just herself. Good..a kind of example from the rich & famous that we should follow. It’s kind of enlightening too.  It’s a rally from 3.00 pm Saturday until about 7.00 pm.  

Then, my eyes were dead tired..........ZZZZzzzzzZzzzzzzzzZ…

3 retorts by associates:

bsbchristhy said...

havent watch it yet... huhuhu

M a W a D D a H said...

mcm best je cite despicable me tu...huhu..

Masquerade Q said...

memang best gilesss..kelako!

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