CSI Trilogy - highly anticipated!!

For the first time, all three CSI shows are in one! That means tonight, 28 July 2010 @ 9.00pm at Channel 701 AXN on Astro.  The one that I highly anticipated since the promo was aired. It is tonight – Horatio Caine (my favourite!!), Max Taylor & Ray Langston will come together in one screen to solve the mystery!

I don’t wanna talk so much laaa.. don’t wanna kill the joy. Just check this link out.

Be there. ( hehehehe – people must have thought that I got shares with AXN!)

PS: Also check out Eric Delko specials. Date TBA - watch out the next postings...

2 retorts by associates:

suhaisweet said...

Nice friends...visit mine if u free ekh.. ;D

Lean said...

Dropping by ere. =).. Yea, I love CSi. =)

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