Boredom vs Overload

Office was a little bit noisy today. Maybe it’s nearing weekend, that people socializes more than doing work. Taking time off from their focus. It helps to distress and relaxes your eyes from too much staring at the computer screen.

I am freaking bored at the moment. Am still waiting for resolutions for certain issues, thus, nothing much in hand to challenge my level of intelligence now. So what did I do since 9 am this morning? Googling..

Yeah..Google. It’s the fountain of knowledge, rich with information and source to get your questions answered. What did I googled (if there’s such a word) about? From Blackberry to blog widgets, parenting to recipes..anything and everything that crossed my mind. Well, you know…whatever they have in the web, it is ‘Googleable’.

So I read articles about Photoshop mistakes ( really is nasty), banned Disney funny pics, nice pictures of overweight girls …and I just keep on going . These are interestingly weird..and real. And helps to kill time too.

In the process, I get myself subscribed to Nuffnang - the blog advertising community. It is great to have a place where people with similar interest meet. Maybe I am a little bit over ambitious, but I do hope to have some income flowing in.

In summary, I was freaking bored today but overloaded with my hush-hush internet activities. It’s decent though, and info-seeking. It’s 2.30 pm now..and I am still on and off the net. This is just a knowledge enhancing process.

Alrighty ... peace to the world.

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Anonymous said...

It is a drag when you are bored. Especially in the office - you cannot sleep, watch tv, Fb, eat as you like. Give us something to do pleaseeeeee...

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