Never-ending Life Battle..

Many people, in stages of their lives, battle with issues that unknown to others. Maybe it was too private to share. As for me, I have been battling with weight issues since I was a child. I was never a slim skinny girl, I was always that chubby-cheeked baby. It creeps into my adolescent years and now I am a mother, I am still a full-size, maybe a little too full-sized. Hahahaha..

There might be advantages being a full size, but the cons are more when your size is no longer in control. I have problems getting a right fit for off-the-rack blouses and pants, shoes sometimes had to be custom made. Plus, these items for plussies are exorbitantly expensive – as it caters for special sizes! Oh how that is true..

It was unresolved yearly resolution since dunno when – to shed few kilos and keep on going shedding throughout the years. Result? Nope .. not quite encouraging. I am still the same as I was 5 or 6 years ago..maybe few yoyos of weight up and weight down..never persistent.

So, what makes me decided to be adamant about losing weight ..again & now? Firstly, I am trying for a second baby. Then, generally, my wellbeing. I started to have issues with my knees..they are not as they used to be..strong & sturdy. Not the knees that I can play tennis for an hour or two non-stopped, not the one that bend easily during bowling and obviously not the one that can go down flights of stairs effortlessly. Those knees were the yesterdays. Today, it is a different story.

For the record, I had 4 knee injections - administered as a series of injections into the knee joint, each injection spaced about one week apart. The substance so-called act as “lubricant oil” to the thinning knee cartilage and suppose to help in reducing the pain for at least 6 months to a year. It was indeed helpful and now the next series of injection was so much way overdue. Thinking about the pain whilst taking the injection…unbearable..maybe second to birth delivery.

I also had the ankle joint injection in 2008. The injection was administered under full GA (general anesthetic)and under X-ray control. This helps in reducing the pain due to the sports injury occurred many years back. Now, my ankle is okay but the gravity effect sometimes made it looked swollen. So, once in a while, I had to soak them in warm water to improve the blood circulation.

I do not wish to have that scenario again in my life. It is painful – emotionally & physically.

So, now, I try to cut down my calories. I reduce the intake of my carbos, add on more fibres. Do a little bit of exercises here & there – houseworks, many walks in the park..I just hope it helps in bringing down the kilos.

Hats off to a colleague, Duke , his infamous royalty name to some, who managed to slim down, in less than a year. Super duper slim! I believe it is about discipline & will power – how much you want it. He is keeping himself slim now..and above all healthy. He climbs stairs up & down about 20 – 50 flights in a day…maybe once to the extent of 132 flights!! Talking about perseverance! I pray for such .. maybe my prayers will be answered upon sooner or later.

Lose weight ?! Of course, I want it! Only sometimes those little devils called desires will try to bounce you off from the track. It’s ok .. I am in the midst of battle, which for many years I have been trying to win. Maybe I will win this time..bit by bit..a step at a time..only fools rush in.

Join me in so that we can support each other. Best of all, be healthy together. :)

2 retorts by associates:

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... have to be careful. Whoever this guy is make sure you don't overdo it. Do exercise that best suits you. But one thing I do believe is right... it's all about will power. It's all about you! You can do it if you want it to happen!

Masquerade Q said...

I guess it's all about reaching new limits every time. You thought it is impossible. But you wouldn't be able to know your limits till you try to the extreme. :D

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