Day In Day Out..

Weekend was a breeze – it passed in seconds. How I wish today is still a Saturday, and tomorrow would remain a Saturday too. Sigh..

Well, it would never work that way in anyway. We have to face the week opener – Monday- and brace what it would bring us. Always something unpredictable. Whilst the weekend mood is still lingering, and we having to work, no wonder most people opt to lie low. It’s Monday blues people..we are not so jazzed up to go to work. Where does that leave us?? Tired, demotivated..vengeful.

It’s appraisal time. You put in your KPIs, your boss deliberates your KPI and edits your self-rating. Sounds fair? Sometimes it is not, sometimes far better than expected. As for mine, you may say it is a balance of good and not so good ones. What I believe to be my strengths has been marked as my weaknesses, vice versa. Weird ain’t it?

Well.. your conduct and personality is opened for criticism and it will always be a perception. Nothing objective about it. But again, does the person or persons who said so about you know you far better than the rest? I don’t think so. What they interpret and observe for that milliseconds of interactions may not be true for those who has known you well. Their feelings about you may be clouded by the dislikes they have in your strengths thus attacked it and made it look like it is your weaknesses. They know that you are good, the only problem is they refused to acknowledge it. LOL.

So, tell me what are your strengths. It’s good to know of other’s advantage too..

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