Service Charge..?? For real..??

Guess what ?? I started Tuesday off as a Monday. Coz I was on leave yesterday and my first day of work is a Tuesday for this week. And, today is Tuesday blues.

To start off a week, it is just good that we have a good breakfast. So I went to the shop across my office to get the so-called breakfast. I saw one stall in front of a restaurant– preparing roti canai. Looks good, so I ordered one roti telor.

Surprisingly, they don’t allow me to take it as ala carte..have to be ordered by set of one hot drink. I thought of having it with Nescafe..but, just plain tea or coffee. I started to feel uneasy..hey it is not about money. It’s about service. If you do not have some sort of notice board or menu, to list all your whatevers, don’t blame the customers. And I was on the way to go mad already.
Then, I said plain coffee. I went up to the counter to pay up for the set even before it is ready. And poof! I was slapped with RM4.32 – for merely roti telor and a plain coffee. I was staring at the receipt in shocked as the receipt stated “Service Charge – 10%”. And I was – hell – where was the service ??? Again, this is not about the money. It’s service. A service that you as a customer totally deserved. And, this is no service at all. I had to wait for almost 30 minutes for my roti telor, my coffee has gotten cold, and the taste..not the one that could please my tastebud.

What is a service charge? Quoting Datuk Mohd Zain Mohd Dom: “It is not regulated by any government agency, and whether it is legal or otherwise will require study.” Till when? Sometimes, or most of the times, we didn’t even aware that we paid that 10% until we are slapped with the bill. What is that 10% for? Some said because of the services will go to the well being of the frontliners. Humm…isn’t it the responsibility of the company to ensure that their staff is being taken care of? Why penalise the customers?

Well, today is just not the day. It sucks from the beginning. But hang on. I will still take a deep breath and affirm that today is passing in seconds and that is only micro situation that I will try not to dwell much in future.

Breatheeee in…..breathe outtttt…fuuuuuuu….

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Anonymous said...

hahahaha.... blacklisted that makan place...

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