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Life is very much unpredictable. It is very true of what Forrest Gump said - Life is a box of chocolate. You never know what you're gonna get.
We plan what kind of life we wanna have. But we don't usually get it. Some lucky ones would have all the life pleasures without the hassle of even lifting a finger. Born with silver spoon, all life neccessities has been readily provided. And some less lucky, like us, would need to spend time to work hard, enjoy less in life.
In everyday life agenda, we tend to split ourselves even when we are supposed to go according to the plan. I.e. 0830 - 1730 is our working hours, but how many percentage of that we fully spent on working? There are some unproductive hours but we are being paid for it. Hahaha.. Well. We are mortals. We need break every now and then. If not, we are gonna be super freak, working unstopped and ..lonely.
We may think we cannot totally control our life circumstances. But again, we have to be equally responsible of what our present life would be. We played our part a bit here and there to have the life we are having today. You could be a perfectionist, a control freak, a flexible one - we can control our life.
I always have a life affirmation every morning, so that I can get through my life for that dedicated 24 hours. I always say I have a great life and always appreciate it. No matter what, I will get through.
I change the way I look at the world everyday. Well, life is already unpredictable.
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