Colour me good!’s been a while I left this part of the world. Okay okay – I know you guys missed me, but what can I do, I have to work and these reports need to be submitted before its due time. If not, I will be marked as non-conformed. Okay , I am back and will try to blog twice a week to the least..okiess..Come gimme huggies now okies.. :D

As a start, I really need a fresh new skincare regime and makeup stuff. Not that I am not satisfied with the ones that I have now, I just feel that I need a new fresh line.

Let’s start with skincare. I am on Olay product, Total Effects – from the cleanser to the moisturizer. Yes, it tremendously gives what I want in one bottle. I don’t have to put on another cream to get some fairness, or remove spots or improve my frown lines. I have been loyal with Total Effects for almost 5 years now. No complaints though. However, due to aging, I guess I may need to change to Regenerist soon. My skin is no longer supple as it used to be, and dryness seems to be an issue now.. Sigh..

Let’s go to makeup stuff. I use Loreal & Maybelline for most of my makeup stuff. But lipstick wise, I love Revlon. Coz I like to go for a natural look. Red is no longer in for me. For the eyes, my super top choice is the Superliner from L’oreal . It’s the best liquid eyeliner I ever had. It’s super easy, glides very well and the application is just a breeze. It’s really worth trying. Match it with Telescopic mascara. Your eyes will brighten up in seconds. These two match are the only thing I need for my eyes. The savior of the day if I feel pretty lazy to apply any other colour on my face.

As for blusher, I would try to be as natural as possible. Too red-cheeked looks cheap and flirty. I just wanna keep a decent and mellow look. Maybelline has that range – from the light pink to the warm orange palette. It’s just nice.

Lipstick – my fav is the Revlon range. I have the Renewist range which provide the right earth colour – not too pale, not too siren either. Just love it moderate.

So, it sounds like a plan – get Regenerist, new foundation and new compact powder (now, I am on Loreal too!). Maybe new eye shadow palette, new eyeliner coz the one now is almost finish, new mascara, basically all new. Wow..that’s gonna be helluva expenses…yummm yummm…Maybe I should try SimpliSiti..Dato’ Siti’s products line..thinking thinking..

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H.Prakash said...

Wow, you really do know about your makeup kit and items. Cool!

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