B is the letter of the day

Yeah .. letter B. The second letter from the array of 26 alphabets. B depicts many things. You wouldn’t want B for any of your exam scores..right? But this time around, it’s the most anticipated by all my colleagues since early September. Yes, you guessed it right. BONUS!

We at this prestige organization just got our bonus letter today. No no no..we have not gotten the money yet..don’t get too excited there. Because I am not! Uhuk uhuk uhuk..

Performance was said to be GOOD, but the indication of greens is not that GOOD. OK laaaaaa…the company is shouldering the losses of the one of the children company, so I guess the numbers are affected.

Well, it’s not everyday that you get bonus for good performance. And it’s better to have some than you didn’t get anything.

Thank you boss. Next year, give more..

2 retorts by associates:

ken said...

bonu is bagus =)

ken said...

oops.. i meant "bonus" =)

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